Our MRI Clinic is open Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm. However, our Ultrasound Clinic is now permanently closed.

CMI offers immediate access to Open bore MRI.

Where to have an MRI is an important decision as not all MRI exams are equal.  CMI provides the critical elements to ensure that your scan is of the highest image quality and is interpreted by Radiologists who are based at a peer reviewed, teaching hospital and who specialize in the area being imaged.  This combination of technology and professional skill provides you with the diagnostic confidence you require.

CMI’s continuing investment in technology and software permits us to scan beyond routine imaging and allows us to offer dedicated scans capable of focusing on the specific areas of concern.  Our high-field, 1.5 Tesla, wide-bore open design MRI scanner provides twice the headroom of conventional scanners which significantly increases patient comfort without compromising image quality.

We accept referrals from all licensed practitioners including Chiropractors and Family Physicians.

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