In addition, physicians will no longer be able to access our PACS system to view patient reports and images, but images and reports will be provided on CD/USB once the proper authorization has been received.
For lawyers, the administration and litigation departments will remain open to assist with MRI images requests, Rule 11 letters, payout quotes and invoices.
Please contact Rhonda Quinn by phone (604) 733-5563 or by email rquinn [at] for all enquiries.

MRI – Objective Evidence For Liability Claims

CMI provides immediate access to MRI services to injury victims with insurance claims to enable quick and accurate assessments of their injuries. We provide high-field 1.5 Tesla MRI imaging, immediate patient access and offer our MRI scans to all accident claimants on a contingent basis so, if the patient does not recover from their insurer, their scan is free.

MRI is a critical diagnostic tool for every person with an insurance claim as MRI provides an objective assessment of the injury. MRI is extremely helpful to the claimant, their lawyer and the insurer in resolving the claim. A positive finding of injury (in addition to providing the treating physician with important information) greatly assists the lawyer and helps ensure that the claimant is properly compensated for their injury. Of equal importance, a negative MRI result provides the claimant and their lawyer with the objective evidence and confidence they require to resolve the case at an early stage.

MRI is a valuable tool in diagnosing and detecting abnormalities in a broad range of anatomic sites that might otherwise go undetected. Utilizing our unique Siemens 1.5 Tesla Magnetom Espree Open Bore technology, CMI is able to offer the latest in high power, high field imaging with the ability to scan large (up to 550 lbs) or claustrophobic patients (over 60% of our scans occur with the head outside of the scanner). In addition, utilizing our Picture Archive and Communication System (PACS), physicians anywhere in the world are able to access their patient’s reports and images immediately online at their convenience.

To be eligible for this service, accident claimants need only to have an insurable claim and have retained the services of a lawyer.

CMI’s service is provided at no cost to the public healthcare system.

Informative articles on the benefits of MRI in litigation:

Medi-Tech Visual Aids

Medi-Tech Visual Aids ( is a service provided to litigants which assists in utilizing the information from your MRI in your case. Please click here if you wish to visit their website.

Scheduling & Cost Information

To schedule an MRI for your client please:

  1. Provide CMI with a copy of the FinancialServicesAgreement executed by you and your client.
  2. Provide your client with the PatientRequisitionFaxForm to be completed by his or her physician and returned to CMI.Note: In addition to specialists, family doctors and dentists ARE permitted to prescribe this procedure.
  3. Upon receipt by CMI of both the Litigation MRI form and the Patient requisition form, we will contact your client directly to schedule and perform the MRI. Copies of the Radiologist’s report will be promptly provided to both you and to the referring physician.
  4. Upon receipt of the Radiologist’s report, please enter the obligation for payment into your undertaking reminder system. Upon settlement or reimbursement of the MRI expense from a third party, please notify CMI for invoicing and payment.

$995.00 (per scanned area)
Intravenous Gadolinium contrast (if required) $300.00
CD Rom (if required) $25.00
10% simple interest per annum on all scans not paid within 30 days

If you have any questions or require further information, please do not hesitate to contact us at the numbers listed below:
tel. 604.733.5563
fax. 604.733.4424
email. info [at]