Despite the Cuts to MRI’s in British Columbia, Patients Do Have a Choice.

By Todd

In British Columbia, it has just been announced that the B.C. Liberals have ordered Vancouver Coastal Health (VCH) to drastically reduce patient services and specifically, that VCH plans to perform only 18,000 MRIs in the coming year, down from 27,000 in 2008 and 20,500 in 2009. Similar cuts have been announced on Vancouver Island. These cuts are expected to increase wait-times in the public system by approximately 20%. Depending on your location within the province, this could mean wait times in excess of 18 months for a routine MRI.

The impact that this will have on patients is significant. A patient who is on a long-term waiting list may be forced to miss numerous days of work/school and wait for the appropriate treatment because their physician does not yet have the diagnostic answers that they require to treat them. This extended wait contributes to deferment of appropriate treatment, lost wages, and a negative impact a patient’s daily health & well-being.

In British Columbia, unlike some of the other provinces, patients do have options. Within 24-48 hours patients can obtain their MRI scan, with the report sent immediately to their physician. All that is required to start this process is a physician’s referral. Once you have your diagnosis you can also expedite an appointment with a specialist and/or surgeon at one of the private surgical centers in B.C. and see them in a matter of days instead of months.

So instead of waiting for months for the appropriate diagnostic exam, you can have an MRI, specialist consult and (if required) surgery in a matter of days.

There are costs associated with this expedited care but perhaps not as much as you think. What is important to know is that the choice is yours as to whether the costs for expedited care are worth it to you. You do have a choice.

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