In addition, physicians will no longer be able to access our PACS system to view patient reports and images, but images and reports will be provided on CD/USB once the proper authorization has been received.
For lawyers, the administration and litigation departments will remain open to assist with MRI images requests, Rule 11 letters, payout quotes and invoices.
Please contact Rhonda Quinn by phone (604) 733-5563 or by email rquinn [at] for all enquiries.

About CMI’s Rates

We know you have choice where to have your scan.  However, it is important that you understand not all MRI scans are of equal quality.  If you are making your decision based solely on price, without considering the value of the diagnostic confidence of your scan, we urge you to consider what it is that you are really saving.

To ensure diagnostic confidence, CMI scans are read by radiologists based at internationally respected teaching hospitals that specialize in the area being examined.  In addition, CMI continually invests in state of the art hardware and software to provide our radiologists with the quality images they require to ensure an accurate diagnosis.

CMI appreciates that the cost of an MRI is a significant investment.  We also appreciate that the most important service we provide our patients is the diagnostic confidence in the result of their scan.



All scans include radiologist’s report and a CD Rom copy of the images.

Routine Brain $895
Brain for MS $895
Brain for Seizure $895
Facial Bones (no brain included) $895
Temporomandibular Joints (no brain included) $895
Brain & Facial Bones $1,120
Brain & Orbits $1,120
Brain & Sinuses $1,120
Brain & Pituitary $1,120
Brain & Circle of Willis MRA $1,120
Brain & Internal Auditory Canals $1,120
Brain & Trigeminal Nerves $1,120
Brain for Tumor (contrast included) $1,195
Brain Trauma with Susceptibility Weighted Imaging (SWI) (for mild traumatic brain injury) $1,245
Brain Stroke (includes SWI) $1,245
Carotid MRA (contrast included) $1,470
MS Brain & Cervical Spine Combination $1,500
Brain & MRA Circle of Willis, Contrast Enhanced Carotid $2,270
Brain & Spinal Cord for MS Combination (cervical & thoracic) $2,395
Spine (per segment: cervical, thoracic, lumbar) $895
Sacroiliac Joints $895
Sacrum $895
Coccyx $895
Lumbar Spine & Sacroiliac Joints Combination $1,120
Lumbar Spine Sacrum Combination $1,120
Chest (mediastinum, chest wall) $895
Soft Tissue Neck $895
Sternum, SC Joints $895 each
Brachial Plexus $895
Specific Muscle $895
MRCP $895
Pelvis $895
Abdomen $1,095
MRA (renal or aorta) $1,200
Dynamic Liver(contrast included) $1,395
Abdomen/Pelvis Combination $1,545
All Extremities (ie. knee, wrist, ankle, etc.) $895 each
Foot/Ankle Combination $1,590
Arthrograms $895
(plus procedural cost)
*Contrast Studies — Add $300


Ultrasound – Diagnostic & Therapeutic
Diagnostic Ultrasound
Diagnostic Ultrasound & Injection $1,000
Therapeutic Pain Injection (no investigation) $500
Arthrogram Injection $500

All rates subject to change without notice.