Quality, Accuracy, Speed and Comfort.

CMI utilizes the Siemens Magnetom Espree, the world’s first open bore 1.5 Tesla MRI system. This state of the art, new wide-bore technology, allows for advanced imaging with maximum patient comfort.

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CMI offers its patients the shortest 1.5 Tesla bore (125cm) available in the world today, which allows for more than 60% of exams to be completed with the patient’s head outside the scanner greatly easing issues of claustrophobia. Further, with a bore opening of 70cm (almost 2.3 feet) in diameter and with the average distance between the patient’s head and the MRI magnet at almost 1 foot, the Espree offers sufficient room for larger (up to 550lbs) patients.

As the Espree is much roomier than traditional MRI systems, it allows patients with back pain to bend their knees during the exam and the head out, feet first design allows patients to feel in control which is extremely important for those suffering from claustrophobia.

With its excellent image quality the Espree offers up to 4 times the signal to noise ratio over traditional open systems allowing larger patients the benefit of high field imaging. Further, given its power, it can provide these advanced clinical images in much less time.

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Our Communication System (P.A.C.S.)

CMI also features a state of the art Picture Archive Communications System (P.A.C.S.) which allows for the electronic storage and dissemination of all our images. This web based system permits physicians anywhere in the world to have immediate access to your images, your report and even an audio file of the radiologist’s original voice dictation of your findings which is of great assistance should your physician require your report quickly.